Picture of the year - Ijsbeers - Akim, Asagy a Agáta:

After a lomnger time, we took a video of Ari´s obedience. We still have a lot of to do. Either Ari or me make mistakes. So have a look at the video taken the last weekend.

Yesterday we took a part in a training day of Hovawart-Pro-Sport with Mirka Marcisinova and Mirek Valentin.
We took only Ari because Chibeta ruts.
The main point to us was that three Ijsbeers took a part too - Asagy, Agata and Akim.
They are full of temperament, skilful in obedience and defence.
Have a lok at the pictures.

Not only Akim has got a website - have a lok at the Askan´s one.

We publish new pictures of Argo.

We greet all Ijsbeer fans and bring you further news about them.

Agata – is living in Brno and her programme has been the most difficult. She is well socialized, the life in city (tram, bus etc.) makes her no problem. She is very voracious and likes to play with balls.

Argo – has got 16 kg. His ownres say he is long, high and feety. He likes to play with children and older german shepperd Aron. He is sensible, swift and learns very quickly.

Asagy - has got 14 kg, she can sit down, lie down, stay. But she is very stubborn. And she still bites her new owners ;-) .

Akim – goes with her panička to work, they create gardens and Akim provides her a big help ;-) . He likes children, he visits a dog school for two weeks. He is very swift and intelligent. But he does not like to go by car.

Askan – has got 16 kg. He is a big scamp. He eats very well. He likes walking, also in the late evening. In two weeks he will start a visiting a dog school.

Have a look at the photogalleries:

This week, we visited Agata in Brno. Agata is well socialized, very kind and snuggling, she likes to play with balls.

Have a look at the photogallery.

Ari passed his first cup – obedience according to ZVV1. Altough we have not everything learned for 100%, we decided to try out what to improve. The judge Milan Oliva was strict but just.

Our total score was 85 pts., we were the 5th from 13 competitors.

We also competed with Chiba after the puppy break. Everything was quite OK, but the kladina was unfortunately for 0 pts. In total we got 79 pts. And the 7th place.


On the Akim´s website you can see pictures taken during the 10th week.

We bring you new pictures of Akim, Argo and Askan.

Have a look at the new Akim´s website.

Have a look at the pictures of Agata and Askan taken during the visit of Agata.

We publisk Askan´s video with me, Alena and tunnel.

Have a lok at the latest Askan´s pictures.

Have a look at the photogallery – Chibeta + Asagy + Argo taken 31.07.2008.

We publish videos taken during the weekend.

All the puppies were examined durong the club breed control. No serious problems were found. Have a look at the photogallery.

New videos taken during Sunday.

Our Ijsbeers celebrate 5 weeks! Have a look at their common photogallery, you will find the pictures in the puppies´ photogalleries too.

We bidded welcome many visitors - our kinsmen, friends, children and new owners.They welcome everybody, they come to everybody when calling putaaaa putaaaa and they play until get tired.
They spend a lot of time in our garden, they make longer and longer trips and change in a band of licvidators..
Mother gives them suck two or three times a day, but otherwise they eat  granules in a big style. Yersterdays problems, diarrhoea, is disappearing.

Ari dont´t know, what to think about them, but he behaves very nice to them.

Sold are all bitsches and two dogs
grey - Aida Lucky
green - Asagy Lucky
blue - Ari Lucky
blond - Agáta Lucky
brown - Argo Lucky
red - Akim Lucky

Free is only the leader - blond male Askan. He is very contact, kind, self-confident, in a very good condition. Have a look how well he looks.

Today, our Ijsbeers celebrate 4 weeks! They were agile in breeding, had a long look and tested present from Erik (cans), ran through the garden more times and explored the garden, fighted for a sock, solved personal affairs between each other, sucked out the standind and later on laying mother. Everything was caught on the "amateur" video.

Have a look at video from 05.07.2008, starring: puppies running and eating granules, partially Alena and annoying wasp. 

Have a look at current pictures of our puppies taken in the garden. On Wednesday, we started to feed with milk and now with granules too.

Today, small Ijsbeers and mother are packing their bagagge and moving from the breeding box to the cote.

Do not forget Arogant, who gained V3 on teh Int. Dog Show in Brno.

Today, our small Ijsbeers have had a hurry day: In the morning they vent to the vet for a  visitation,   they were very brave, in the evening the made a trip to the garden and enjoyed it very much, and as they are three weks today they opened a bootle of wine ;-). Have a look at the weight table.

Today, we took the puppies to the garden, have a look at a photogalleries of bitches and dogs.

The puppies are liveůy and we bring you :
- new video from the last week ;-)
- up dated weight table

We bring you news about our Ijsbeers:
They start to open their eys. It begann in the morning, the first was the b/t dog with wine red ribbon and his right eye.
The blue one was the first standing on her legs ;-), all the puppies start to try going.
Blond dog ist the no. 1 in weight table..
Grey and blue are the most vociferous.
The green is the most curious and she neve miss the feeding.
Blond female ist the heavist among all females and she never miss the feeding.
The brown and blond males eat at most. They are very agile and occupy the best nipples.
Chibeta is an exemplary mother, she takes perfectly care for all the puppies.
Every puppy has got its own picture gallery.

Have a look how the puppies grew up in their first week - pictures and weight table.

Have a look at the new pictures of the A breed and weight table.

Yesterday was the day D and we are proud to announce Ijsbeer puppies. The lower morning temperature was a clear signal that it will come very soon in spite of Chibeta is still very active and eats. Everything began at 17:50. And 19:16 was born the fisrt puppy - dog called Askan according to Chibeta´s father.
19:40 2nd, 19:57 3rd, 20:15 4th, 20:40 5th, 21:23 6th and the last and 7th at 22:26. There was no problem during the birth.
You can have a look at the first pictures of our puppies and their proud mama.

We have spent this weekend in a training camp in velke Mezirici.
Ari trained tracking, obedience and defence as well, and he was the quickest swimming dog - the aim was to get as soon as possible to the handler over a pond.
Chibeta is mostly only relaxing, but we still train tracking and we fulfilled FPr2.

It is confirmed - our vet confirmed that Chibeta is in pup!

The last magazine Psi sporty (Dog sports) published an article about hovawarts including picture of Chibeta and Erik.

Have a look at a Ari´s video - defence - training day in Brno 01.05.2008.


Today we have received a confirmation of our kennel name, which is called IJSBEER = polar bear. We are going to change the layout next week.

Regarding our planned breed - we had to select another dog because of time pressure at my work due the fact that Chibeta started ritting two weeks earlier. The selection was absolutely clear - the father will be the older brother of our Arogant - Akim Nova Merigo. We know him for a long time and appreciate his nature and working succeses.
We went to Akime on 09.04.2008 - pictures.

Now we hope in the future...

Have a look at a new video with Arogant Arivalo Asso - Schtzhund - 18 months - wmv, 22 MB, mpg, 25,8 MB.

We add a new section Planned breed - the date of arrival for Baxter ex Canis Lupus is coming soon... We also add a new Chibeta's video.

Last week we took part in a weekend training workshop at BEDEA Kroměříž. The workshop was focued on Schutzhund. Have a look at the video.

We were not succesfull with Chibeta at the Intl. dog exh. in Brno - "we got only very good", but after coming back the weather was very nice so we walked with our dogs to forgett. Have a lok at a few of action shots - click.

Have a look at a new Arogant's video with aport. We've trained all the phases separately and now our trainer Mirek Valentin recommended us to put all the phases together. And this is the second complete aport of Arogant - click.

On Sunday, it was cold but also sunny, so we picked the camera and took a few pictures during training, we hope some of them will make you to laugh ;-) - click.

Today we have got one positive news. We have found bridegroom for our Chibeta! We hope that everything will run Ok in the spring.
I have to write, that Chiba and Erik have been very choosy, and it was difficult with them, but I'm happy, that everything is clear and we have chosen. We were looking for a temperemant, working and sympatical dog.
He comes from Hamburg and his name is Baxter ex Canis Lupus.
Mr. Karl Achtmeyer gave us a few infos:
Baxter passed 9 exams - 6x VPG3.
He likes working, has got a good obedience and very good tracking. He is very level-headed, during training very temperament (he likes jumping and play), and at home he likes coaching. He is neutral to incomers and kind to children, devoted to his family and he must be at everything :-)).
From 10 shows resulted 8x excellent 1. He is a provincial winner and champion of RZV A VDH. In 2006, he became a winner of the century.
Karl kept two Baxter's childern and they are very promising in work. Have a look at Baxter, Ekita and Jago » click.
Now we have to do the paperwork (kennel registration, breeding apllication), and hope that everything will be OK untill April when Chiba should rut.

The full English version is coming soon...

KENNEL IJSBEER - HOVAWART - Chibeta z Budske samoty - Arogant Arivalo Asso